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Lila decides the hunter is going on vacation and the Evil Queen is getting locked up in a tower. By doing this, she creates a big mess in the fairy tales because Snow White can no longer be bewitched, nor can she meet Prince Charming or even have her happily ever after.

A great mystery haunts the Circus: a sly villain is making all artists disappear, including the little wooden boy Pinocchio. Our friends need a plan to save the show and bring life back to the circus ring.

The fairy godmother will not arrive in time to prepare Cinderella for the Royal Ball because she is in a Fairy Convention. The Tac Tacs need to make sure the little cinder girl meets the Prince. However, Cinderella’s evil stepsisters find out all about the plan and may become two new Enchanted Princesses.

Vevé finds a bottle by the beach with a cry for help from Tinkerbell, saying that Neverland was in trouble and she did not know where Peter was. If there is adventure and imagination, it is a mission for the Tac Tacs.

Beebela gets a new hood and decides to play Little Red Riding Hood. What she did not anticipate was that it would attract the Big Bad Wolf, putting everyone in danger. Together, the gang will trick the villain to save the little sheep.

Much more than a magic trick, wishes must be earned, that was what Aladdin learned after spending his three wishes. Now, with the Tac Tacs, they have the opportunity of making their dreams come true with a lot of will power and help from their friends.

Mr. Book is after the Blue Fairy in order to make his wish come true: to become a toy, since he feels left aside. Tati and the gang need to show both books and toys are fundamental to children’s development.

They are all musical shows lasting fifty minutes filled with loads of fun.

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